Changing Face of Ray Liotta—Plastic Fantastic or Au Naturel?

Ray Liotta plastic surgery rumor mill has been in overdrive recently—what's the 61-year-old actor's changing look down to? Father time, or plastic surgeon?

The Ray Liotta plastic surgery rumor mill has been in overdrive recently.

The 61-year-old was displaying a distinctly different visage when he walked the red carpet at the SAG Awards back in January.

His face was decidedly tight and taut, his mouth Joker-like and his eyebrows were….. well….. a little Spock-ish?

So, what's Liotta's changing look down to?

Just good old fashioned Father Time, or over-zealous plastic surgeon?

Popdust spoke to Dr. Anthony Youn to get his expert opinion on the subject.

Ray Liotta plastic surgery or au natural?

Here's what the doc says:

Ray appears to have had at least a few trips to the plastic surgeon over the past decade or so. His upper eyelids are more open than they used to be, possibly signifying an upper eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty.
His jawline is tighter than it should be at his age, a possible sign of a previous face and neck lift.
And his mouth and smile lines appear to have been altered.
The corners of his mouth are elevated, almost with a 'joker-type' smile, and his smile lines appear blunted and almost nonexistent.
I suspect the appearance of his mouth and smile lines could be due to aggressive injections of a filler like Restylane.
Overall he looks very different than I would have expected him to look at this age!

If you would like to look better as you age—without any need for surgery or injections—check out Dr. Youn's book, The Age Fix.

Because, when a plastic surgeon tells you how to look younger without surgery, you know you've got to pay attention!

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