Charice, the occasional Glee guest star and overall international sensation, inspires a legion of high school cliques to put aside their differences and just dance gosh darn it in her new video for "One Day." (Think the Acuvue contact lens ads, not the upcoming Anne Hathaway-Jim Sturgess film adaptation of the David Nicholls book.) Written by Nick Jonas, the song may not be on the level of "Firework" or "Born This Way" as far as anthems of self-love go, but Charice as the school's fairy godmother and inspirational leader seems fitting, as she has the power to win people over, or at least force them to join her in an impromptu dance routine. AOL Music premiered the video for the track earlier today, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot. See the tiny singer grow 10 sizes bigger thanks to her powerful voice, below. No socially segregated cafeteria can resist those pipes.

Talk of the County

The News Sun - Waukegan (IL) June 28, 2011 Eighteen years Regarding ?ˆ?Eighteen years for sex act with minor. Minister showed no empathy for victim.?ˆ? Eighteen years is what he was sentenced, so let?ˆ™s follow through on this and let the public know that there is no way he?ˆ™s going to sit there for 18 years. I had an incident with my young granddaughter, and he was given seven years and was out in two. So let?ˆ™s follow through now and be honest with the people. When these people are sentenced, they do not usually serve what is put before them. That is really falsifying what the sentence really ends up to be. People need to be aware that that?ˆ™s the way it works from a voice of experience.

Maxed out For those of you calling for the debt ceiling to be raised. Are you nuts? If you had a credit card that was maxed out, you could no longer buy anything. You would have to pay down the balance first before you could buy anything new. The U.S. government can do the same thing. No more expenditures for new items until the debt is paid down with the money (taxes) that is coming in. The debt limit does not have to be raised ?ˆ” spending has to be slowed down. It is called fiscal responsibility. Thankfully, there are congressmen and women who understand that. site chase banking online

He asked Gov. Quinn asked a few of his people, who would agree with anything he wanted them to agree with, regarding ?ˆ?conceal and carry.?ˆ? Now he can say that he asked people about it and they don?ˆ™t want it.

Obama?ˆ™s economy This is President Obama?ˆ™s economy. He owns it and he has not created jobs and he has not rebuilt our economy. It is time he took his job seriously and worked on helping small business and putting Americans back to work. His policies are failing and he has no handle on America. He is a one-time president and will go down in history as the worst president ever. Even Jimmy Carter will go down as being better then Obama.

Food stamp fraud Regarding the food stamp fraud story on June 24. Once again, it goes to show that the American people that lose their jobs can?ˆ™t get food stamps, but all foreign people can get them and nobody does anything about it.

On the fringe Unlike the Waukegan woman whining about putting towns in news headlines, I haven?ˆ™t seen Zion people complain when they are arrested, like the June 22 story, ?ˆ?Zion man arrested in Waukegan shooting.?ˆ? Wait, that happened at Fountain Square. Is that on the fringe, too? Me thinks the Waukegan lady protests too much.

Property maintenance I don?ˆ™t understand why Waukegan?ˆ™s ordinances or code enforcement isn?ˆ™t exercised to make people maintain their properties. You have houses that have unkept yards, molding around the garage doors has rotted away. These are cheap fixes. It doesn?ˆ™t take much to cut the grass. Property values are already at an all-time low. It?ˆ™s like some people don?ˆ™t care how their homes look and they are being disrespectful to the other people in the subdivisions. It?ˆ™s not like we all are going to sell and buy our next million dollar mansion. Something needs to be done to make these sorry individuals take better care of their properties.

Building department You buy your home, you own your home; you want to add on, build something you need and you can?ˆ™t. The people you put in charge won?ˆ™t let you. They have codes which I just found out are not all in writing. The point is, you own your land you should be able to build what you need as long as it looks acceptable. Then you are told that your neighbors have to approve it. On one side, my neighbors hate me and the feeling is mutual; on the other side the neighbor is a friend and could care less. Across the street they are selling. Since when did the building department take over the world? go to website chase banking online

Leaking info Five thousand troops will be pulled out immediately, with another 5,000 leaving at the end of 2011, and the federal government is wanting to prosecute an Army specialist for doing the same thing ?ˆ” leaking info. This is what you get when the commander-in-chief does not have a clue on any type of military operation. I think the charges against the specialist are treason. Will the same apply to aiding and abetting the enemy?

Chase banking Chase Bank has recently started to charge a $10 service charge on their once-free monthly checking accounts. Since this is obviously not a marketing ploy, I assume they need the money. Maybe they only need to look as far as their inefficient branch management to find their profit drain. The other day I attempted to make a payment on a Chase home Loan. The local branch office could not accommodate me and sent me to Western Union. That?ˆ™s a $26 fee that went to Western Union instead of Chase, and a customer wondering what the advantage is to continue banking at Chase.

Fact Box: loose lips Why would you tell the enemy that we?ˆ™re going to be pulling troops out at certain times?