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Charlene Soraia Searches for Connection in "Now You Are With Her" Music Video

An intimate video pairs with Soraia's emotional song about the forlorn desire to belong.

South London singer Charlene Soraia recorded every one of her songs in her own apartment in single takes, with no edits and no autotune.

The raw sound of her album, slated for release January 25th, 2019 through London's independent label Peacefrog Records, extends to her 3rd single, "Now You Are With Her." The doleful song captures the pangs of unrequited love. She says, "I had spent a long hiatus with little human contact, zero trust, and not much experience of human kindness, so I suppose looking back, I had merely mistook someone's kindness for something more meaningful."

In the music video for "Now You Are With Her," Soraia's soulful vocals put an earnest spotlight on the disconnection that social media can create between individuals when they need intimate connection the most. The video focuses on Soraia's unplugged acoustic guitar playing while a montage of lonely South London youths stare at their devices rather than each other. Directed by The Rest, the video is one portion of a longer reel that follows the teens in their empty routines as they seek to find a "tribe," a sense of belonging.

Check out the music video when it's released Friday, Nov. 16.

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