The K-pop charts are about to seriously heat up with 4minute, T-ara N4, and SECRET all due to drop new mini-albums within days of each other. With the releases scheduled so close together, it wasn't much of a surprise when all three groups dropped teasers for their respective music videos earlier today.

The 4minute teaser, for their new single, "What's Your Name?," shows the girls gyrating to an electronic hip-hop beat. They all appear to have adopted HyunA's signature brand of candy-coated sex appeal, and even point to their, uh, nether regions during one part of the choreography.

SECRET has gone for a completely different look for their new single, "YooHoo," adopting a bubbly summer style and cute charm that sits somewhere between their saccharine sweet hits like "Shy Boy,"  and SISTAR's Hawaiian holiday-themed "Loving U."

Last but not least is T-ara N4's "Countryside Life," which looks exactly like the group's trendsetting video, "Roly Poly," but with a rural farming twist. There's also a wacky, PSY-esque feel to the whole thing (courtesy of "Gangnam Style" director, Jo Soo Hyun), not to mention that it looks like the "Harlem Shake" may have been incorporated as well.

4minute's new mini-album drops tomorrow on the 26th, followed by Tara N4's on the 29th, and finally, SECRET's on the 30th.

Which one are you most excited for? They all look so super amazing that you're totally allowed to answer, "all of them," if you wish.