Cher was seen in the audience of Dancing With the Stars on Monday night, in support of her, season 13 contestant Chaz Bono. The Burlesque star looked on from her seat in giddy approval, nearly loosing her head, and several of the hundred or so bracelets climbing up her arm, after her son's performance. Hopefully this is the face she made upon learning Lady Gaga was writing a song for her, or just what she looks like while tweeting in general. Bono scored a personal best of 21 points, but who cares if he wins or loses? Cher was just happy to be there. "OMG! I WAS CRYING ! WASNT EXPECTING 2 B SO NERVOUS ! BROKE MY BRACELET CLAPPING ! IM SO PROUD !! CHAZ WAS GREAT! LOVED DAVID ARQUETTE 2nd," she wrote on Twitter following the show. We know that Whitney Houston can also go crazy with her kin, but we really need to invite her to Bobbi Kristina's next bedroom karaoke session in order to fully gauge if Ms. Houston's maternal instinct is up to par with that of Cher. Watch below.