Cherryade do what they gotta do to "Get By"

The provocative alt-pop duo make no promises and defy the odds with their latest single.

Cherryade don't have to try hard to break the rules. They're naturally riotous, bending pop music to satisfy their every whim. Following a sequence of captivating, do-what-they-want jams in 2016, including "Houdini" (listen here) and "Fractured Fairytales," the alt-pop noisemakers plant their flag, once again rearranging expectations of what pop music should and could be. "If you wanna go, oh, you better tell me so," they clap back at "bitches" over a blanket of shape-shifting synths and tireless electro-rock drops. The club banger details a myriad of addictions, from the physical, lustful kind to the monetary and entangling substance release.

"Do what I gotta do to get by," Ella and Alex, who first met as kids in Catholic school, gallantly chant on the hook. Later, they profess "I'm so heartless" before the production filters through their teeth, grainy and audacious. As the song builds and builds, the energy intensifies and culminates with a jarring echo of sirens, the screech of burning rubber and the smash of metal against glass--hinting at wreckage and carnage, an evident metaphor for their own journey spiraling out of control. "Getting money, fuck bitches, drop off, get high," the pair pop off in the refrain.

The "Get By" music video is expected to drop in the coming weeks. No word on when the duo will release their long-waited debut, but expect big waves later this year. Cherryade have been, reportedly, working with such producers as Dimitri Tikovoi (Charli XCX), Lewis Gardiner, Shaun Canning (Atom Tree) and Ant Whiting (M.I.A.), among others.

In a press statement, Ella begrudgingly admits the struggle working in pop music. "It's hard being frumpy and a popstar, nevermind being a quarter Chinese," she states. Meanwhile, Alex has his own set of complications. He explains, "It's a struggle being white, middle class and ginger - I'm constantly living in the shadow of Ed Sheeran."

Take a listen:


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