Childish Gambino Keeps Halloween Alive With "Bonfire" Video

If you're waking up with a sugar hangover this morning, may we suggest easing your way back into the real world with one more Halloween celebration? But those with weak stomachs should be warned: Childish Gambino's new video for "Bonfire," off his upcoming debut album Camp, takes paranoid phobias and the repeated maternal warnings about going out alone to an entirely new level. The clip opens with Gambino waking up in park wearing his boxers and a noose around his neck, immediately throwing up blood. As he tentatively makes his way through the woods he comes across a creepy group who seem to be sharing stories and/or chants, with the threat of violence burning in their eyes.

Of course Gambino is also known by many as Donald Glover, star of NBC's Community and former writer on 30 Rock, which means he's had experience playing characters, albeit ones more inclined to host a fake morning show in their community college library rather than run for their lives from a bunch of supremacists. But that is the benefit of being an actor-rapper; high-concept, short film-esque videos gain instant credibility when you've already proven you can say dialogue on cue. It many be November 1, but those looking to extend their holiday season without another "Thriller" viewing need look no further.

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