Childish Gambino has hopped the pond to promote his album Camp, kicking things off at Club CAMP in East London Wednesday night. Given the increased popularity that's come with his first studio album, Gambino was quick to express his excitement at performing in a smaller venue again—which apparently warrants the burning of said locale to the ground. Careful, Donald. We want you back in the States soon! Moving through recent tracks like "Fire Fly," "Bonfire and "All The Shine," as well as interludes featuring sounds of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So," Gambino displayed a lot more enthusiasm than his days in the dorms at NYU. His infectious demeanor bubbled over when he launched into a freestyle, paying respects to the hometown crowd: "Making this up as I go along / I hope that I don’t choke...I’m in London now, I guess that makes me a London bloke." For those who've already been playing Camp on repeat, enjoy a look at Gambino's live show and be envious of the lucky blokes in attendance. And for everyone else: Community is gone indefinitely, so you might as well get your Donald Glover fix where you can.