It was less than a year ago when we were first introduced to the trouty mouth of Sam Evans, and yet the network has already ripped our dreams of future Justin Bieber covers apart by failing to renew Chord Overstreet's contract as a series regular. Major sad face for all the Samcedes supporters, as well as fans of the blonde-haired Bieb who certainly showed his personality with a distinct cut and die job earlier this summer. But don't cry for Overstreet, Gleeks. If that wise Internet poet who said everything happens for a reason in correct, we should be listening to the sounds of his solo album somewhere in between Glee's third or fourth public casting crisis. "I’ve been writing music my entire life and I had an opportunity to work on a record. It’s something I have a huge passion for. I did a lot of thinking and I felt like it was a good time to work on my album and focus on that avenue of my career," he said in an interview with TVLine. "They offered me the chance to come back for a few episodes, but there was nothing guaranteed so I decided to dive into the music thing. And that’s been my main priority the past two months." That, and finishing up your obligations on the road and in haughty fashion ads, of course.

Of course, Overstreet is not the only Glee cast member with solo music aspirations. But he's also not fortunate enough to have a record deal, or the comfort of a cushy TV gig to fall back on if his debut video looks like this. "I’m working on the album and I’ve been encouraged and excited by the interest from record labels and publishers," he said. "Hopefully we’ll get something out there for the fans to hear pretty soon." Hear that, interested record labels? He comes with a proven fan base! Snatch this guy up while you can!