Along with celebratory tweets from bestie Katy Perry, Rihanna's 24th birthday was marked by the reveal of her professional reunion with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. While we were preparing for this possibility since last week, Brown's first lines on the "Birthday Cake" remix are no less of an eerie reminder of the couple's past: "Girl I wanna fuck you right now / Been a long time I've been missing your body." Three years have passed, and yet it's still hard to resist not adding our own verse explaining why he's been away for some time. Hint: rhymes with "bassault."

Unwilling to let us unpack one song and its implications at a time, Rihanna has "returned the favor," lending her voice to the remix to Brown's "Turn Up The Music," giggling and egging things on through her breathy hook ("Turn up the music cause I feel a little turned on"). As we've said before, we don't know who is responsible for the decision that led these two to work together again (or if they recorded the songs in the same booth, if there is any semblance of truth to the "hanging out" rumors, etc.). One would think, though, that they both have enough friends not to need the other's part in order to make a viable club-ready track—Trey Songz, Cassie, [insert name with whom they do not have a complicated past here] would all suffice—which makes it seem more and more like their camps are banking on the "OMG" factor associated with the song's featured credit. And now we need to take a shower. Listen below.