Chris Brown's Twitter account has long been the locus of his particular blend of self-aggrandizing douchebaggery, the place where Breezy felt most comfortable putting his bratty martyr act out into the world unadulterated by any PR concerns. Sadly,this weekend we lost that terrifying and fascinating glimpse into Brown's worldview, as the R&B star deleted his account after getting into a Twitter war with comedian Jenny Johnson.

Like many Twitter comedians, Johnson often tweets abuse at celebrities like Brown and the Kardashians. It's an arrangement that works for both sides, generally: The celebs get a legion of "haters" whose intensity only confirms their sense that they're the most important people in the world, the comedians get a bunch of new followers for making fun of easy targets that everyone hates. But on Sunday night, Brown decided to turn the tables and tweet back at Johnson, resulting in a volley of insults not seen since fifth-period bio.

The war of words got so intense Breezy deleted his account, but the feud lives on in Johnson's timeline:

And with that, Brown's decided he'd had enough of this 140-character thing, and deleted his account. Goodbye Chris Brown's Twitter account—we'll always remember the time you showed us a picture of Chris dressed as Osama bin Laden. Never Please change, Chris Brown.

UPDATE: Chris Brown's Twitter is back in business, baby! Has this incident dimmed his perverse self-pity? Of course not.