Another day, another tattoo, this time as seen on the body of Rihana's former boyfriend, Chris Brown. Breezy is back in the news for questionable acts this morning after new photos of his most recent tattoo acquisition have begun to circulate. TMZ first published the image late Monday night, which captures Breezy attending a Labor Day party hosted by Diddy on September 1 in Las Vegas. With his neck exposed, we see what appears to be the face of a woman on the left side, battered and bruised, with multiple stitches in her lip.

Chris Brown Tattoo

It could be a nod to sugar skulls and Mexico's Día de Los Muertos, in the style of contemporary artists like Daniel Esparza, but there's also an eery likeness between the image and Brown's ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, bringing back memories of the gruesome police photos taken after their pre-Grammy altercation in February 2009. According to ABC News, Brown's representatives have yet to respond to a request for comment on the ink. See more photos below.

Still, if these photos are from September 1, it's interesting that we're just catching onto his act now, more than a week later. Last Thursday we sat and watched Brown attend the MTV Video Music Awards, commenting on his newly blue hair and potential interaction with Rihanna as he took the stage to accept Best Male Video, yet failed to notice the new ink peaking out from his suit collar. Could we have been that distracted by cute boy bands and ass-grabs not to identify yet another example of troubling behavior by one of the biggest sociopaths in popular music today?

If it's not Rihanna's face, what is it, exactly? Sources tell TMZ the design is simply a "random woman," which still doesn't answer the question of why he'd chose to alter his body with such a graphic image. There have been several regrettable tattoos documented in 2012 alone, and we're searching—reaching—for some kind rational way of thinking about how this might be Brown's scarlet letter, or his way of never forgetting the horrible thing he did, for which he continues to feel repercussions in both his personal and professional life. But... it's really, really difficult.