Nothing succeeds like success in pop music, and Chris Brown has already taken this lesson to heart well enough to jump on the EDM bandwagon, with recent club floor-fillers "Turn Up the Music" and "Don't Wake Me Up" far outperforming his more traditional R&B numbers in commercial terms. He continues that trend with his new single "Nobody's Perfect," which will apparently be on his upcoming album Carpe Diem (almost as perfect a title asUnapologetic—well, almost almost), another dance rave-up.

But this one has a familiar message, too. Check out the lyrics to the first verse:

You are natural, sweet not just beautiful

Cause you follow your heart

It makes even more special that you don’t know how damn lovely you are

I would kiss a mirror every single day

If I wake up with your face

What are all these doubts for spinning in your head

Don’t you look so sad

So if we can interpret a little here—Chris Brown is saying that this girl is beautiful, and everyone else in the room can see it, but her being ignorant of that fact is actually what makes her beautiful? Hmmm. We think we may have heard that one somewhere recently—and then again somewhere else a couple months after that. Recycled subject matter, or is the current economic climate just producing a lot of attractive females with low self-esteem?

You be the judge—though we're grateful that the possible rip at least gives ussomething to talk about with this otherwise ultra-unremarkable song.

[Prophet Blog]