"Bitch, you're not gonna put that on the Internet."

Famous last words, right? They certainly might be for Chris Brown, who may be in a heap of trouble for an alleged incident outside of a nightclub in Miami. TMZ reports the testimony of 24-year-old Cristal Spann, who claims that she followed Brown to his car after his exit from said club and snapped a photo of he and good buddy Tyga on her iPhone. This, swears Spann, set off Breezy, to the point where he snatched the phone from her hands through his rolled-down window, and uttered the soon-to-be-immortal above phrase, before rolling up the window and speeding away.

OK, no big deal—every celebrity steals a cell phone every now and then, it's basically part of the Fame Monster package or what have you. But this story gets a little bit complicated by the fact that if arrested for the crime, it would be considered a violation of his parole from the Rihanna beating three years ago (yeah, that), and it could land Brown in prison. (TMZ reports that the Miami Beach PD official they contacted denied that Breezy had been arrested, nor that there was a warrant out for his arrest.)

With just about any other pop star, we'd say the story seems a little too ridiculous to be credible. With Chris Brown...well, you just never know, do you? Let's hope that the Boy in Detention hasn't actually gone next-level with his shenanigans and the ensuing consequences.