Chris Brown Is Basically Jesus, Says Chris Brown

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It must be hard being Chris Brown. He's just trying to promote his message of peace, love and understanding while also spreading the Gospel of the one true Lord. Why are the paparazzi always harshing on his vibe, man, selling him out for 30 pieces of silver so he gets crucified by the Romans?

Oh wait, no, sorry—that's Jesus. Chris Brown is the guy who can't control his temper and keeps getting in fights with people for basically any reason at all. (To say nothing his history of domestic violence.) But we're not the only people to get the two confused. As a recent Instagram from Brown shows, the R&B star is feeling a bit of a martyr after his brawl with universally beloved crooner Frank Ocean this weekend. "Painting the way I feel today," Brown wrote next to an artistic depiction of Jesus on the cross, "Focus on what matters!"

Is Chris Brown the second coming of Jesus? If he is, that's got to be the worst version of Christianity possible, right?

[Emily Exton]