Well, at least there are no celebrity names mentioned to or alluded to in this one. Chris Brown continues his streak of bilious, scummy rap excursions going with "Bitch I'm Paid," a song which may or may not be on Brown's upcoming Fortune album, due out in late June probably. A banger-type with a decent steel-drum-sounding hook, "Bitch" contains such winning boasts as "What you mean I'm big headed / Oh, you talking 'bout my dick?," "She looking' at my chain, but all she really want is my semen / I'ma let her get it, right on her face, clear it up like Noxzema," and "All my ladies celebrate / If my bitches keep you slipping / You'll be tied up in my basement / No location." (That's pretty good devotion—and training!—displayed by Chris Brown's bitches.)

Of course, all you really need from this song is the chorus lyric: "Bitch I'm paid / That's all I gotta say." Just about sums it up for 2012 Chris Brown, huh?