Chris Brown and Swizz Beatz met up in Las Vegas to perform their collaboration "Dance Like A White Girl" on Monday, treating the crowd to what we can only assume are their impersonations of said fan demographic. There's been chatter from both Breezy and Perez Hilton today about his trip to Sin City, with the latter reporting the singer meets rapper launched into another homophobic rant that included telling bouncers to "suck his dick," while Brown went on a tweetstorm imploring his followers to "never go to club XS in Vegas! They are dicks!" Same word, yes, yet such a different meaning. While Brown is quick to remind us all not to believe everything we read, maybe it was the spastic dancing that had caught people off guard? Or just his denim vest, which he eventually traded in for his old reliable shirtlessness. Not to brag, but it looks like we're right. If it's any consolation, Breezy: that vest was disgusting.

Watch the performance below to see if you can pick up on any clues as to what may or may not have set him off. And as always, our all-purpose Chris Brown apology letter is right here, just in case he needs it.