No matter what Lil Wayne may have to say about it—and he's one to talk when it comes to awkward genre-hopping anyway—Chris Brown has turned into a semi-respectable rapper these last few years, working his way up from novelty guest on songs like David Banner's "Get Like Me" to performing a quartet of his own "Real Hip Hop" freestyles. Now, Brown's got his own mixtape coming, Boy in Detention, to cement his status as a Singer Slash Rapper.

"New(chris brown) hip hop mixtape called "Boy In Detention" coming soon!" tweeted Breezy earlier today. "And people... Yes I'm a singer so if this mixtape doesn't reach your quota for hip hop! Simply don't listen.." We'd be lying if we said we were super-excited for this—decent though Brown's rapping has gotten of late, it's not gonna be rivaling his singing prowess anytime soon, and an entire mixtape might be a bit much. Still, everything that CB has done recently has at the very least been noteworthy—often more noteworthy that the man himself likely intended—so we'll certainly be listening.

In the meantime, though, Chris has bigger problems to deal with than convincing people that he's a legit hip-hop inside-out threat. According to TMZ, his fellow condo owners in West Hollywood have a bone or two to pick with the pop star, due to his proclivity for parking in handicapped spots, blasting loud music, and racing dogs in the hallways (really?). The police were even called recently after someone—and we're not naming names—apparently carved "C.B." in the elevator door. Leggo! (FTR, Breezy's lawyer claims that he's the one getting the high hat, and that the spots are his by right, but "the developer never disclosed the spots were reserved for the handicapped." We don't know what to believe.)

Turbulent times as always for Team Breezy. He does keep things interesting, doesn't he?

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