"I don't need no niggas in my section / All bitches, all bitches, all bitches." In case there was any confusion about this point, Chris Brown shares the sentiment a dozen or two times over the course of his "Mixtape Shit" video, a black-and-white one-cam, one-shot clip which appears to be filmed in the midst of an otherwise non-music-video-related party. Other attendees wander in and out of the shot like "Huh, is there a music video going on? Cool" but Breezy remains focused in his lip-synched freestyling.

The song isn't his best, but then again, there's probably a reason it's called "Mixtape Shit" and not "Album Shit" or "Greatest HIts Shit" or what have you. Plus, the video is kind of his "Bastards of Young," isn't it?