Hold on to your retweet buttons, Team Breezy. It's likely Lindsay Lohan was either carefully watching the VMAs for business opportunities or potential dates, or both, enthusiastically reaching out to more than one of the show's stars for any and all help. While she gave Twitter love to Beyoncé and Lil Wayne during Sunday's telecast, Chris Brown was the only one to take the bait. And because his life plays to out across social media, naturally they are going to date.

"@ChrisBrown killed it," Lohan tweeted following his Spider-Man influenced performance that went light on vocals and heavy on gravity defying choreography. Breezy retweeted Lohan's kind words, which led her to send a message his way asking "Wanna meet?" Ballsy! And that's just one of the public messages. Brown has yet to respond (publicly) to Lohan, but being that Twitter has become the be all and end all of communication, it's only a matter of time before the whirlwind romance begins and Lohan starts to pop up on select dates on his upcoming tour. All it takes is a few direct messages back and forth, and they have so much in common. Plus, Breezy already has an advantage over other artists, having withheld from dropping her name in one of his songs for an easy punchline. While each come with more red flags than most, we'd accept this union with open arms, if only for the failed attempt at image rehabilitation entertainment we can also enjoy: he can help her with her dance moves, and she can tell him what to wear during any impending court dates.

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