The beach is apparently therapeutic for Chris Brown, as the complicated singer does some of his most introspective thinking amidst the crashing waves. Against a backdrop taken straight out of 90210, Brown can be seen getting his frustrations out through gymnastics (better than other ways, we suppose) for his new video, "Should've Kissed You." Shots of a solo walk on the beach are interspersed with pretty girls dancing at a nearby spring break-style party, suggesting Breezy is mourning the one he let get away. (Everyone has their spring break regrets, although they usually involve one too many Jagerbombs.)

This isolated contemplation and random spurts of back flips continue throughout, and Brown refuses to pull up his pants regardless of how low they fall below his rear end. While past videos like "She Ain't You" demonstrate Breezy's dancing skills and MJ-influenced style, this recent trend of minimal, more personal clips gives us another look at the gentler side of Brown—one his handlers are likely pushing hard in the wake of his unforgettable GMA outburst earlier this year. After everything his been through, Brown wants to prove he's just another dope who likes long walks on the beach and gets totally mushy when left by his lonesome—quick, somebody give this boy a hug (or a shirt.) Are you buying it? Watch the video and decide for yourself, below.