With recent heartfelt videos and a public apology (or two) under his belt, we were beginning to think Chris Brown had lost his edge. Guess we spoke too soon! Angry Breezy can be heard screaming his way through verses in defense of backwards-facing baseball cap on Tyga's new track "Snapbacks Back," off the upcoming mixtape Well Done 2. After Brown did pop music a favor and gave his perspective on Drake's "Marvin's Room," he's once again lending his talents to a popular track that's been touched by many hip-hop hands: Meek Mill and Rick Ross' "Tupac Back." The duo's delivery seems a little intense for a song about a wardrobe staple, but then again, people can get pretty passionate about personal style. (See: Swizz Beatz remix "Reebok Back.")

Tyga and Brown previously teamed up on the far more subdued "Deuces," but this time the Young Money member takes center stage, injecting bits of humor through metaphors about the female body ("Your bitch booty like a pancake, flat flapjack"). Angry Breezy comes in after bout two minutes with hard rhymes unlike a lot of what you hear on F.A.M.E., but still manages to find the humor in it all. After debuting online late Tuesday, the track is already both a trending topic on Twitter and is being used as a promotional device for sports apparel shop FansEdge. Synergy!

You'll likely be divided over whether Brown rapping is a good or bad thing, but after his appearance on Tyga's track and recent video for "Real Hip-Hop Shit #2" saw his spitting his feelings, does this mean we will get to hear that secret Breezy mixtape sometime soon?