Finally, some Chris Brown choreography we can replicate at home. With all the praise given to Breezy's skillful moves—and his not-so-secret desire to be compared to the King of Pop—Brown is setting the bar a little lower for his fans, understanding that not all of us are that flexible, nor have access to Spider-Man's cables and high wires. As he prepares for the opening night of F.A.M.E. tour Monday in Toronto, he has one request for those heading to the show: be ready to dance. Specifically, be ready to dance obnoxiously and in unison. "FlashMob for Beautiful people!!!" Brown tweeted on Saturday, along with a video of a silly, low maintenance routine performed with his dancers. It doesn't look too bad—nothing different than what you do during the privacy of your own bedroom. And you know what happens when you don't do as Breezy says, right?

Watch and learn, here. Because you don't want to be caught flat-footed when he plucks you from the crowd.