Who would you be less excited to hear a new song by entitled "How I Feel" than Chris Brown? How many times over the last three years have you thought to yourself "Wow, people sure have a lot of things to say about Chris Brown, but I wonder how he himself feels about his situation?" The answer is probably "not many"—Brown has never been particularly shy about expressing his frustrations about the way he is perceived and treated by the media, and more often than not, his words have been to his own detriment, making him look hot-headed, self-righteous, and worst of all, unrepentant about the 2009 domestic abuse scandal that has forever shaped his career.

"It might take me a lifetime to take it back," Brown raps—yes, this all-rap Chris Brown, just one long verse with no chorus or singing—"But it might take you a lifetime to know the facts." Maybe true, but if you expected Breezy to set the record straight here, you'd be disappointed (and arguably somewhat delusional in the first place). Instead, he just reminisces about being "15 a Virginia nigga with ambition / Young, but I envisioned fucking them bad bitches," and then "19 a nigga went through a tragedy / Three years a nigga just found a better me." But don't expect any public apologies or explanations anytime soon: "I ain't never gonna do no 60 Minutes interview / 'Coz all you wanna do is twist my words up / And all I wanna do is flip the bird up."

This is where Chris really could use somebody in his life to just tell him "no." No, Chris, it's not worth sharing this song with the world to let them know that dammit, you still wish people would just get over 2009 already. No, Chris, people don't want to hear about how you were the one who "went through a tragedy," or about how if they knew "the facts" they'd respond to you differently. No Chris, people don't even care about your secondary rap career all that much. What is it going to take to get this guy to realize that unless it's a direct and sincere apology or expression of regret, nobody wants to hear him say anything related to what happened before the Grammys three years ago, or the ensuing fallout since?

Whatever. Chris Brown has made it abundantly clear that he doesn't care what we have to say about these matters. Keep doing you, Breezy, and fear not the consequences.