Chris Colfer Prepares To Get "Struck by Lightning"

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In its third season, Glee stars are beginning to branch out more and more in pursuit of other projects. None has been more ambitious than Chris Colfer, who along with writing a children's book, somehow found the time to write and star in the upcoming feature film Struck By Lightning. Not all too different from his television character, Colfer plays Carson, a driven high school student whose dreams of Northwestern are stunted by the shallow concerns of his peers and his sheltered community—substitute those Barbra Streisand posters Kurt and Rachel drool over for sophisticated portraits of Edward R. Murrow. To better his chances at getting accepted (and thus go on to become the youngest editor of The New Yorker—dream big!) Carson takes investigative journalism to a new level by strumming up dirt on his classmates and blackmailing them to take part in his literary magazine. Rebel Wilson, Bridesmaids' hilarious British roommate with a soft spot for free tattoos, stars as Carson's best friend and accomplice, while Modern Family's Sarah Hyland plays cheerleader enemy No. 1—a combination of her role of Haley on MF and Quinn on Glee—alongside Allison Janney, Dermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks and The Office's Angela Kinsey. With no Glee tour on the docket this summer, supporting cast members in their extracurricular activities will have to do. Watch below.

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