Proving the lyrics to a song he's been playing live for roughly 10 years can still escape him, Chris Martin screwed up the intro to "Warning Sign" during Coldplay's concert in Boston on Sunday. He's human, sure, but acts of humanity from those we regard as god-like always require some sort of cause. Perhaps the song's never been one of his favorites, or maybe Apple was being bratty before the show. In fact, of all the things to blame momentary forgetfulness or erratic behavior on, children are probably the most plausible. But Martin's not going to rat his kids out like that—even if his mind was back home in London. "I was thinking about the Olympics," he admitted to the crowd almost instantly. "I was distracted."

Sure, don't gripe about the massive corporate sponsorship purveying the two-week international competition or NBC's crappy coverage, use the once-every-four-years event as a scapegoat for your decaying mind. On the other hand, fans at home are using the games as an excuse to put off doing any work this week, so why shouldn't he? "I'm going to stop thinking about pole vault and things like that and I'm going to get back into it," Martin promised the crowd at TD Garden, surprisingly remaining good-humored about it all. (It's important to note that the reaction may not have been the same had he blamed his flub on the Red Sox or Patriots.) "Fuck the Olympics, let's have a fucking great time here in Boston!" Martin recovered, the show went on, and all in attendance likely had a good laugh. Now be good Coldplay fans and abide by his wishes of not tweeting that he said something disrespectful about the XXX Olympiad; detention in Queen Elizabeth's dungeon is no fun for anyone.