Unless you are Joe Fox, you're likely indifferent to the smells (and sounds) of sharpened pencils and other ordinary office supplies. Christina Aguilera probably fell somewhere among the latter—TMZ has yet to unearth an eraser fetish—as of Friday, before she expanded her list of acceptable costars beyond country winners and Mick Jagger wannabes during a stop by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The Voice judge performed Lotus single "Your Body" to the surprisingly melodic sound of a selection of scissors and sharpeners. But where'd you get that stapler, Xtina? Poor Milton is in a tizzy (again).

Similar to Fallon's adorable "Call Me Maybe" performance with Carly Rae Jepsen, The Roots earlier this year, the late-night host played a large roll in the jam session, leading the guys on backing vocals with the familiar tones of his iPhone. In this stripped down version Aguilera's vocals serve as a reminder that even though she might be better known for on-screen side eye and bitchy exchanges with her fellow judges and emerging boy bands these days, The Voice hasn't gone anywhere. Also she's given us an entirely newfound appreciation for office supplies. Next time you're shopping at Staples, kids, make sure your mom knows how much you really, really need that three-hole punch. Watch below.