The movie Casa de Mi Padre, a Will Ferrell comedy, is not going to be great. If the prospect of turning telenovelas into Will Ferrell comedy didn't suggest that, or if the March release date didn't either, allow us to cite one really telling quote from Wikipedia, which might be unreliable if all indications didn't suggest the screenwriters might've done the same:

Producer Darlene Caamano Loquet stated, "We are just thrilled he [Will Ferrell] is on board and are moving full steam ahead since we have one month to teach him Spanish".

Oof. Anyway, at least Christina Aguilera's title track for the soundtrack is serviceable enough, an immaculately sung power ballad she seems to be taking far more seriously than the movie's personnel. (This is a compliment.) Some people have suggested this means Christina's "returning to her roots," which is a bit spurious--artists take tangents for soundtrack one-offs all the time, and so far Aguilera's Latin-pop roots mainly amount to the Spanish-language version of her debut, Mi Reflejo, and a few scattered album tracks. From everything that Aguilera's said and that the music climate indicates, her Bionic follow-up will probably be something acoustic, something like the Sia-penned tracks from that album. But at the very least, this proves Aguilera's versatile enough that she could make the move. Listen below.