Christina Aguilera is Naked, in Bloom on Her "Lotus" Album Cover

Christina Aguilera has released the cover art for her upcoming album, Lotus, and like the title and your outdated health textbooks would suggest, she's blooming (sans bloomers). She already hinted at wearing her full birthday suit in "Your Body," so she might as well go all the way—for a price. The album art fulfills the dreams of all who watched "Genie in a Bottle" every night before bed, with only long, white-blonde hair extensions and tall petals standing between them and the happy place. Check it out below.



While she hasn't been subtle about her desires on what we've heard from the album thus far, the cover takes a more refined approach to sex than those unforgettable dirrrty days. She is a mother now, even if that didn't stop her from stripping down when young Max was in utero.


[Twitter/Christina Aguilera]

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