Christina Aguilera is Not Being Very Subtle About "Your Body"

Xtina has only one goal for tonight, and it's not to watch a "Gilmore Girls" marathon.

Christina's new single "Your Body," the first from her upcoming album Lotus, finds her focusing single-mindedly on the mission at hand: Finding a hot young thing for some anonymous post-divorce sex. Or, as she puts it in the verse: "Don't even tell me your name / All I need to know is, whose place?"

Yes, we're back to the "Dirrty" days, but those were some of Christina's best, weren't they? And, by virtue of contemporary pop mandate, she's ditched the melisma and club-optimized the track with droning synths and a hook made for late-night fist-pumping: "All! I! Wanna do! Is love your bah-day!"

Bump along to it below. And, if it's not your thing, don't worry. As Xtina assures us, "If you don't know where to go / I'll finish off on my own."


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