First came the nude album cover, then came the boasts.

With the promotional cycle for Lotus ramping up ahead of the album's November 13 release date, Christina Aguilera is not being shy about how she sees her place in the pop music landscape. In an interview with Idolator, XTina showed off an degree of self-regard that would impress even the most prideful of politicians.

A brief rundown of questions Aguilera cleared up in the interview:

Was Bionic a flop? No! "That was an experimental record that will surpass time, and maybe was too ahead of its time for certain people," argued XTina.

 What can Christina Aguilera's voice do for the younger generation? "The first thing you hear [on Lotus is] just vocals on the CD.  Which was really important for me, coming off The Voice, to inspire that next generation of raw, great, talented vocalists."

 Which other divas is Christina Aguilera in the same league as? As Idolator tells it, "Aguilera also said she feels it is her 'personal responsibility' to keep the spirit of Whitney Houston and Etta James alive."

This is the sort of interview that invariably is going to be taken and repackaged as an "OMG, Christina is delusional and doesn't realize she's lost it!" type of thing, which is slightly unfair. There are some artists whose outsized egos are a large part of their appeal—why can't Xtina be one of them?