Christina Aguilera Named Her New Baby Daughter After a Belinda Carlisle Song

Christina Aguilera has taken to Twitter to confirm Popdust's exclusive report that she gave birth Saturday to her second child.

She tweeted, "So proud to welcome our beautiful daughter Summer Rain Rutler into the world."

Summer Rain may share the same name as an old Belinda Carlisle hit, but considering what a diva Xtina is, it's a fairly normal and unpretentious name as far as celebrity babies go. Not that Aggie has ever been pretentious in her personal life (although her music career is a different story); the two main men she's had in her life, first husband Jordan Bratman and current squeeze Mathew Rutler, are both regular non-famous fellas, and her first son's name is the very normal Max.

After seeing celebrities give their kids stupid names like Petal Blossom Rainbow and Royal Reign, a pretty name like Summer Rain is as refreshingly lovely as, well, summer rain.

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