In total they clock in under a minute, but the online teasers for Christina Aguilera's new video for her single "Your Body" reveal a lot. Of Xtina, that is. The singer plays a self-proclaimed "bad ass" who, when she's not out robbing convenience stores or blowing up cars, is seducing men with her super-tight outfits and sexy moves.

Imagine if "Lady Marmalade" was set in the California desert and featured a hot drifter in a sweet vintage car instead of a bunch of other pop singers in bustiers at the Moulin Rouge.

Christina's never really been a fan of understated makeup (to put it mildly), and in the clips she's all dolled up with colorful pink and purple streaks in her platinum hair, white-painted nails and heavily lined eyes and lips.

The artist's trusted stylist Simone Harouche selected lots of hot pieces for the occasion, like a floral bustier worn over a sheer purple bra, a black skintight mini and blinged-out jewelry including one crystal necklace that bears the words "rich bitch."

Can't argue with that. Christina also takes a page from UK style icon Cher Lloyd, wearing a few bandanas tied in her hair throughout the clips.

Come to think of it, Carly Rae Jepsen was also spotted recently with a bandana tied in her hair. Mini trend?

"Your Body" is the lead single off of the pop star's new album Lotus, aka the reason for her throne abdication on The Voice. The full video will be released this Friday.