As two of the few pop performers remaining in today's top 40 who were actually alive for the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards, it's good to see Christina Aguilera and Pitbull throwing a bone to their '80s roots with new jam "Feel This Moment." The song, which leaked in snippet form last night, sounds generally pretty unextraordinary, except for its lifting of the synth riff from mid-'80s chart-topper "Take on Me" by Norwegian band a-ha, turning it into a stomping, zooming hook that sounds like it belongs in a Cascada record.

It's not quite as unexpectedly awesome as Pitbull's lifting of "Love is Strange" for his MIB3 theme "Back in Time," but it's fun enough, and calling on one of the most fondly remembered songs in synth-pop history is rarely a bad idea. Here's hoping Pit tries to hit the infamous "I'll be a day or twwwooooooo!!!!" high note in the song's full-length version.