Man, Christmas keeps on coming sooner and sooner every year! It's barely October, but already the Christmas decorations are sneaking into our stores, the professional Santas are ramping up their weight-gain regimens, and old friends are making holiday plans together.

We shouldn't be surprised then, that despite the balmy temperatures Cee Lo released a preview for his upcoming Christmas album Cee Lo's Magic Moment Tuesday afternoon. The 90-second snippet finds the colorful R&B star dueting with his fellow Voice refugee Christina Aguilera on the Yuletide classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside."  Who cares that it's 63 degrees Fahrenheit in New York right now! It's Christmastime, baby!

From what we can hear of the track, it's a pleaser. Cee Lo dials down the kook and proves that underneath the feathers he really does have the voice of a classic crooner. Xtina is, well, she's fine too, even if she still can't resist cramming some melisma in where it's definitely not needed.

Also, if you've always felt bad about enjoying "Baby, It's Cold Outside" because of it's date-rapey elements, this Persephone Magazine article from 2010 is here to tell you not to worry.