You know those couples who are so totally in love they post obnoxious pictures of their nightly meals cooked with their latest kitchen acquisitions while wearing matching monogrammed aprons? It's pretty safe to say that Chavril—Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, don't make us explain ourselves again—are that to 2012's crop of pop star couples. (We're giving you pass for now, Haylor. Happy holidays.) In addition to a whirlwind romance no one seemed to know about and an engagement that should soon create a new Canadian holiday, the two songbirds are finishing work on Avril's fifth album and letting the collaborative process flow via Nickelback's back catalog. Aww. To be fair, we had some warning.

As we were told, Avril finally released her version of "How You Remind Me" on Tuesday—just in time to soundtrack your holiday parties and respective Chavril prayer circles! Our first thought: it's nice? Avril unravels the otherwise rawkish screamer, adding layers of emotion while backed by sparse piano and percussion. It could be that a fresh take on a band many have come to hate is a welcomed relief, or we just miss regular servings of Avril in our daily lives. Second thought: Party Down deserves some credit for giving a whole new meaning to this song.

We're still waiting on your "Sk8er Boi" cover over here, Chad. Listen below.