Trying to pick a side between Ciara and Rihanna feels like picking a favorite baby panda. As much as the disconnect between Ciara's high-quality music and middling success makes us want to root for the underdog, Rihanna's earned our sympathy for quite a long time after what she's been through. But this weekend's oddly public spat forces us to look at the tale of the tape and see who would come out on top, based strictly on their lyrics. After Ciara admitted she felt slighted by Rianna on a recent Fashion Police, a war of Tweets ensued.

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But then they made up!


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Had they not, however, who would've won?  Let's look at the evidence:



Ciara: "Strut my stuff and yeah I flaunt it, goodies make the boys jump on it." ("1, 2 Step")

Rihanna: "Tonight I'ma give it to you harder, tonight I'ma turn your body out, relax lemme do it how I wanna, if you got it I need it and I'm gonna put it down." ("Rude Boy")

Advantage: Ciara. While Ciara can attract many men, Rihanna only focuses on one.



Ciara: "Me I'm TNT, please don't set me off." ("Gimme Dat")

Rihanna: "He finds a letter on the stairs saying this is the end, I packed my bag and left with your best friend." ("Good Girl Gone Bad")

Advantage: Rihanna. Her threats are much more specific.



Ciara: "When I pull up in the Rolls they see me and you know I keep that Lambo gleamin, yeah you know I hustle hard and I know how to eat, I live with the dope boys dreamin." ("Diva")

Rihanna: "I got a house but I need new furniture, why spend mine when I could spend yours? / The truth is I will love you the same, why complain when you buyin Gucci babe?" ("Lemme Get That")

Advantage: Ciara. Rihanna seems to require additional funds to maintain her lifestyle, whereas Ciara is self-sufficient.


Winner: Ciara. While Rihanna is a formidable opponent, Ciara is a stronger diva; Rihanna's appeal is a little different than the traditional diva image. That doesn't mean she didn't win the feud, though.