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Cindy Prado’s Hottest Bikini Babe Photos

There's a reason why she's an Instagram super star....

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cindy prado hottest bikini photos—the Miami born Cuban-American's bikini photo shoots have made her a fan favorite

Cindy Prado has been owning the runway since she was 18-years old.

But it's the Miami born Cuban-American's bikini photo shoots that have made her a fan favorite—and Instagram super star.

The 24-year-old has racked up an impressive 285,000 followers, all eager to get a glimpse of every inch of the lithe lovely.

Not surprisingly, Prado is also a men's mag favorite, frequently flaunting her God given goods in the pages of Maxim, GQ and FHM.

Despite her own love of stripping down to a two piece, when it comes to men, Prado is all about the duds—and a sense of humor.

She previously told Urbasm:

I don't ever really approach guys. That's the guys job!
I don't think woman should take that away from them.
Our job is to seem inviting (if we are interested), but I think the approaching is the guy job and how they do it says a lot about them.
Prince Charming where art thou?!
I love guys with a sense of humor and good fashion sense.
I absolutely could never date a guy that doesn't know how to dress.
Other than that, of course my Prince Charming would have to be loyal, strong, romantic (yes romantic), and very independent.
I love guys that have their own things going on and give me time for mine.

Amen to that sister.


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