CL Slams 2NE1 Break Up Rumours: 'It's Not True!'

CL from Korean girl group 2NE1 scored a feature in the latest issue of Complex magazine to promote her impending advancement into the American music market.

Besides plugging her upcoming English-language album and announcing that Korean makeup is the best in all of Asia, the 23-year-old also put the rumours to rest that 2NE1 are breaking up due to her burgeoning solo career.

"That’s not true!" she said when asked if 2NE1 were headed for splitsville. "We just finished our tour and everybody gets to take a break now. It’s just I don’t get a break. [Laughs.]"

Thank god!

As for her American debut, CL says that we can expect two things: good music, and the same cool style that we all love from her K-pop career.

"I feel like it’s all about good music at the end of the day. It’s not like I’m a rookie—I have been doing this for a long time in Asia. It’s just a new market. I have to have good music, so I’m just focusing on that."

"Well, you know my image when I was in 2NE1. And I’m not going to change that," she said when asked if she was planning to sex things up for the States. "I’m not against being beautiful or sexy or anything, but it’s just I have this—I don’t know how to say it—but I have this “cool” image that I want to keep."

CL has reportedly almost wrapped up her solo album and is currently preparing to start filming her music video, so it shouldn't be too long now until we get to hear the first single.


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