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Why did a clam digging get so popular? This video has the internet fascinated

VIRAL | A razor clam burrowing fully under the sand has gotten major hits on the web

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Digging itself into the sand can not be easy!

The Weather Channel released a video that has been viewed over 15 million times on Facebook since its post on Wednesday. It is both creepy and memorizing at the same time. The power of nature can often be surprising,experiencing something we have never witnessed before. One could speculate how little we know about the vast ocean and how many creatures dwell there in the deep. Consideration for these elements are brought to the digital age.

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According to The Huffington Post, the video was originally uploaded last month by Kate Taylor, a Oregon fly fishing guide. On Taylor's Facebook page, it has been viewed more than 6 million times.

The popularity of going digging for these strange creatures may be the reason that this is getting traction:

This razor clam's proper name is the Atlantic jackknife clam, or Ensis directus. It is a large species of edible marine bivalve mollusc, found on the North American Atlantic coast.

Wikipedia states, "This clam lives in sand and mud and is found in intertidal or subtidal zones in bays and estuaries. Because of its streamlined shell and strong foot, it can burrow in wet sand very quickly, and is also able to swim. It gets its name from the rim of the shell being extremely sharp (stepping on one can cause injury) and the shape of the clam overall bearing a strong resemblance to an old fashioned straight razor."According to The Washington Post, "Annette Hosoi, a professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said it is a razor clam. The Atlantic jackknife clam can dig about two feet into the sand. Hosoi found that clams can turn the solid sand into a quicksand-like substance in order to dig deep."

"It has a really interesting strategy for digging," Hosoi said. First a clam relaxes its muscles, which causes the shell to open. (In the same way that the mussels we eat pop open when cooked, except these razor clams aren't relaxed all the way dead.) Braced in the sand, the clam thrusts its fleshy foot downward.

The force of planet can often be underestimated, but we are reminded of it in a brief moment. Something that happens everyday now has global awareness. So wether you are a nature enthusiast for sport or to protect the creatures, we can all agree that it is a strange world we live in.

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