Clara Is One Step Closer To Becoming The Kim Kardashian Of K-pop

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Last month we introduced you to Clara, the most talked-about celebrity in Korea right now. K-pop fans often compare the full-time sex symbol and part-time actress to Kim Kardashian due to her tabloid scandals and omnipresence in the Korean media (although we think she's more like the second coming of Pamela Anderson), and those comparisons are only going to get stronger now that Clara's finally scored her own reality show.

Starting this week, the On Style network will begin airing the hilariously-titled Clara's Like a Virgin. A teaser for the series shows Clara in front of a mirror removing her make-up, which is her way of telling us that we'll see the "real" Clara through Like a Virgin.

With a reality show now under her belt, there's now no part of the entertainment industry that Clara hasn't infiltrated. This year alone she's starred in two TV shows (the MBC sitcom Reckless Family and SBS drama Goddess of Marriage), music videos for Jay Park and Park Myung Soo, commercials for Sprite, Toshiba, and American Apparel, is a fixed cast member of the Korean Saturday Night Live and star of other variety programs like Singles and Star Diving Show, has modelled for most of the major magazines in Korea, and in December, she'll star in the Japanese film, Ask This of Rikyu.

In other words, there's basically nothing that this woman can't do.

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