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All Time Low Are Back with "Getaway Green"

The pop-punk favorites have a new album coming out in April.

With comeback tours from My Chemical Romance and Bright Eyes on the horizon, 2000s pop punk and emo are having quite a resurgence.

All Time Low, however—the one-time Warped Tour mainstays who broke out with "Dear Maria, Count Me In"—never really left. Since 2005, the Maryland band have been consistently putting out records, with their eighth album Wake Up, Sunshine due April 3 via the esteemed rock label Fueled by Ramen. All Time Low have teased the new record with a fired-up single called "Getaway Green."

Filled to the brim with fierce guitars, "Getaway Green" feels in line with All Time Low's Hot Topic-clad origins. "We got back to how we started," frontman Alex Gaskarth explained in a statement. "It had been a long time since the four of us made a record under one roof. That became a central theme. We've been a band for 17 years. Everybody brought something to the table. A lot of what you're hearing came from those magic moments together."

With "Getaway Green," the band's mission to exude "classic All Time Low" has been achieved, with full band shout-along choruses. "Do you want to know how the story ends? / Hazy and spun out, just more than friends," Gaskarth sings. "Weekend wonderful, a dizzy dream / A colorful lie, we made a hell of a team."

Listen below:

All Time Low: Getaway Green [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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