Club of Droids get political on fuzzed-out debut "Into The Field"

Voz Alta Records

The genre-defying Swedish duo released their first single yesterday

The Swedish know how to rock, if this incredible new duo is any indication.

Club of Droids came into being just last year, a project helmed by musicians Johan Bring & Henrik Holmlund. The two have played together for years with the likes of STYGG and The State Of Floral Beings, and Holmlund just released new music with hardcore band Bitch Hawk. These intense influences combined with their macabre aesthetic—the cover for their debut single is graced by a black skeleton grinning widely against a red background—Bring and Holmlund's music comes on just as strong.

Their debut single "Into The Field" is an all-encompassing assault on the senses that has one foot in hard rock and the other in industrial techno. You would think this would be an incredibly gnashing listen, but this energetic track chugs along without exhaustion, intensity wrapped in droning bass. The lyrics call out hypocrisy among socialist democrats, and systems of power that say they're for the people and end up being executed in ways that contradict their goals.

His pained voice interlaced with hard guitar, Bring bemoans people who use the good intentions of others and run them to the ground: "All in the name of the bloody faith / They feed on poverty, they feed on greed. / It feeds their socialistic needs." With the power struggle against Venezuela's socialist regime making headlines once more, a song like this could not be a more timely, heartbreaking reminder to revolt.

"Into The Field" is accompanied by equally tantalizing, bass-heavy B-Side "Habitat," that sees the duo playing with distorted vocals and a sped up tech rock sound. The offering wouldn't feel out of place at an underground rave or at a dive bar, and its this versatility that gives Club of Droids so much power. If this is the debut, we can't wait to see what comes next.

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