Cody Simpson Gives Fans Studio Footage For Making Of 'Free'—Watch Now!

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Cody Simpson exercises are far more Americana-drenched, folk-powered maturity on his new Free EP. Bolstered by his new single Flower (an acoustic jam), the record is a stark departure from his previous bubblegum pop anthems. In the first part of his "Making Of Free" featurette, the pop star peels back the process of his new creative energy, along with his producer Cisco Adler and manager Matt Graham. "We literally set the band up in a live room and played the song together," Simpson says about the new record. "I would sort of come back and re-record my vocals to make sure they sounded the way I wanted them to."

Graham adds:

"We're here in Henson Studios, which is one of the most famous recording studios in LA. For the past three days, Cody's pretty much locked himself in here with his compatriot Cisco who co-wrote and is producing this new EP."

Adler details his role in Simpson's new collection: "As a producer, it's my job to bring out the best in whoever comes by way. So, I stand back and look at 'what do they want to be' and 'what do they need to be' and 'how do we meet in the middle.'"

"You know, the pop kids, people think they don't come with the skills," he continues. "But they can probably sing you under the table."

Simpson's Free EP has no street date yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

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