Despite everywhere he's been over the past couple of years, 15-year-old Cody Simpson reminds us that he's most comfortable in his natural habitat, with the sand between his toes and a guitar strapped across his lap. The video for second single "Got Me Good," off the upcoming Preview to Paradise, features Simpson in his element (the outdoors), among his peers (the sand and the surf), doing whatever underage dreamboats too young to drive their own vehicles do to woo the ladies these days. Rather than pull from his predecessors Jack and John, Cody is singing his own tune to the mystery girl of his dreams, with help from one hell of a postcard-like backdrop.

Along with the serenade, Cody treats his girl to a day full of shopping, skateboarding, swimming, surfing and Ray Ban-wearing, in between being carpooled by friends in their mom's station wagon. (We've all been there.) Consider this a preview to some of the potential date activities you may find yourself enjoying, if and only if you already meet the criteria for Cody Simpson's perfect girlfriend. Watch below.

And if you don't meet the Aussie's specific criteria, there's always time to change your looks and overall personality. Just look at how much fun you could be having!