As the release date for his debut album nears, Cody Simpson continues to take on the necessary qualities of a full-fledged heartthrob. (He's already got the hair and cutely nicknamed fans taken care of.) Simpson and Kylie Jenner were spotted out on an age-appropriate date at L.A.'s The Grove on Tuesday night. Before tweeting death threats or locking yourself in your room, consider the fact that maybe the 14-year-old heir to the reality television throne is simply helping him with his music video, considering she and her family do this sort of thing every holiday—and whenever a camera is lying around or a videographer happens to have a few extra minutes (and has committed the address of the Calabasas compound to memory).

That, or such photographic evidence of the two in the same public place at the same time could only mean that they're deeply in love and gunning for the top spot in pop music's nonexistent, but potentially amazing, prom court. Now that he's graduated to LPs and autotune, the girls simply can't help themselves. (Ladies love autotune—just ask T-Pain.) So Listen, nervous Simpsonizers. Your favorite may soon be officially off the market, but that's OK! Another trick to borrow from ardent Beliebers is how to get around the clutches of pretty and successful girlfriends.