Cody Simpson's Tour Diary: Day Three

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Cody Simpson, the “Adorable Aussie” as we call him, has agreed to give Popdust the low-down on life on the road during his “Welcome to Paradise” tour: The good, the bad, and the breakfast. We’ll be speaking to Cody on the phone and turning his words into daily tour diary entries. We peered into a hectic tour day in Day One and a more relaxed tour day in Day Two. In this, the third and final installment, we see a day that is somewhere in between the two. Crashing weather reports, flirting with Atlanta beauties, and entertaining celebrity guests - All in a day's work for Cody Simpson.

Thursday, February 23rd

Girls in Atlanta are really beautiful...

8:00 AM

I woke up and had school. I did a lot of mathematics. I don't like mathematics. And chemistry. No test tubes or anything, it's all on my laptop, so I don't have to carry any books. I have a tutor with me, she's very nice, very chill. She's not too tough, but a reasonable grader. Like, if I say something that's wrong, she's not gonna say that it's right. Too bad, that, eh?

I had breakfast somewhere in there. Not Special K, if you believe it! Cheerios. NO, WAIT. Toast. With jam. Not ketchup. I'm growing up, I guess.

10:00 AM

After that, we were invited to The Weather Channel in Atlanta. They saw me crashing that weather report and asked me to come in and, like, let me be a weatherman for a bit. It is my other pastime, my fallback career. (Don't quit your day job.) I did and interview, then I read the weather report from Australia. Mild, temperate climate there. So, I crashed another weather report! It's what I do best.


12:00 PM

We had lunch at Willy's Mexicana Grill. Chicken burrito. No cheese, no guac. I always ask for extra rice. I prefer 20-30 more grains than the normal person. 36 is fine. Jokes.

2:00 PM

After lunch, I went to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation at the Atlanta Children's Hospital. I like anytime I can go somewhere and make people smile. The kids in these hospitals are in a stressful situation that they didn't ask to be put in, so I make sure I bring smiles. Taking pictures, visiting, chatting. I love making their moms happy, really.



Then, we went to the venue - Center Stage in Atlanta. Did a soundcheck. A little rap this time. I only rap for the band. Listen, I can rap well, but I just don't wanna do it for anyone. (I guess I just don't wanna have to prove it...)

We had a VIP meet-n-greet at the venue. I realized something very important: Girls in Atlanta are really beautiful. Like, really beautiful. Like, I was stunned by their beauty. Ok, moving on.

I went backstage and started warming up, stretching, in my tour robe of course.


What celebrity family showed up to Cody's gig? Hit next to find out.

7:45 PM

Honestly, it was one of the best shows of the tour so far. The venue was nice, the crowd was awesome, sold out. Also, I had a lot of executives there. I don't really get nervous to perform in front of them, but I just wanted to make sure I put on a cool show. Oh! James Brown's family came out for the show. His grandchildren, everything. It was an honor. You know, every couple of days, it hits me how lucky I am and how cool this is. The fact that James Brown's family was there and in awe of the show after having seen the best performers in the world? Too cool.

My favorite song to do in my shows right now is [my upcoming single] "So Listen." It's not out yet, so the fans go crazy. I can't wait to release it officially this week!


9:00 PM

I put on my robe immediately after the show, as is habit. I chilled in the dressing room, had time to calm myself down. Then I came back to the bus and chilled for a little while. My tour manager, Jeff, brought me a nice vanilla milkshake. No Harry Potter tonight, alas.

People ask me all the time, "If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be?" Honestly, I wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world. I wanna keep working hard and finish my business. If I weren't singing? I'd be swimming competitively. It was my life before I started singing. I was actually Australian champion for my age a couple years before moving to the states. I was training twice a day and really enjoyed it. Butterfly stroke, all the way.

I won't quit my day job though and become a weatherman or a swimmer. I just love my fans. Wouldn't be here without them. I appreciate their support every single day. I hope they know that.

On with the tour!


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