Colbie Caillat And Common's "Favorite Song" Gets All Summery

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Colbie Caillat and Common have done the work for you. Not immediately sure what sort of party you should play their carefree "Favorite Song" at? In the video, they've got lots! A beach party on the deck, a street party while roller-skating down the median, a resort party strolling down sidewalks and watching people skateboard. It's the sort of thing that'll really make you wish you're not cooped up in an office or at home right now. (If you are, in fact, at the beach right now, please don't tell us. And please get off the computer and enjoy the last bits of sun, jeez!) It's also the sort of thing that's interesting, if not quite recommended, to compare to Wallpaper.'s "F---ing Best Song Everrr." At the very least, we know who we'd prefer to hang out with, and who'd get kicked out by the first abrasive verse.

(Something's happened to Colbie Callat's voice, by the way; on the verses at least, she's doing something other than her pretty-and-anodyne delivery. This is a really promising development! If a bit of a surprise.)

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