Coldplay Debuts New Song "Charlie Brown"

It's fair to say that any new song by Coldplay will be better received than a certain Canadian Skater Girl's attempts at covering one of the band's most popular tunes. The Brits took the stage at the Los Angeles Tennis Center on Wednesday night, to premiere new track "Charlie Brown" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Like most of their songs of late, or ever, it's a swooping, stadium anthem that may not be a direct homage to the "Peanuts" character, but still manages to give brief reference to our favorite loser, whether intentional or not ("In my scarecrow dreams/ When they smashed into smithereens/ Be a bright red rose come burst to concrete/ Be a cartoon heart"). The Kimmel performance was part of a larger 90-minute set for the Grammy Foundation's "Grammy in the Schools" program, and also featured the first performance of current single "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" in the U.S. While frontman Chris Martin was featured on guitar, he still proved his mobile self, managing to run to each side of the stage before song's end, employing some of his signature dance moves. Watch the performance below.

New 2011 Rules for Eligible Flexible Spending Account Purchases Affect OTC Medications.

Immunotherapy Weekly December 1, 2010 Beginning Jan. 1, 2011, most over-the-counter (OTC) medicines will no longer be reimbursable through flexible spending accounts (FSAs) or health reimbursement or savings accounts (HRAs and HSAs) without a prescription or letter of medical necessity. This change is part of the broader healthcare reform legislation signed into law this past spring (see also Perrigo Company). go to web site cold sore remedies

For years, individuals and families have set aside pre-tax dollars to cover qualifying reimbursable expenses, such as insurance deductibles and office co-pays, hospital bills, prescriptions, dental work and other expenses incurred from visits to specialty medical providers. A wide array of OTC medicines was also considered eligible. see here cold sore remedies

The new rules for reimbursement most notably affect purchases of OTC medications that fall into the following categories(1): pain relievers, cough, cold and flu, allergy, acid controllers, anti-diarrheas and other gastrointestinal, smoking cessation products, feminine anti-fungal and anti-itch, respiratory treatments, topical medical ointments, cold sore remedies and sleep aids.

In addition, according to BASIC, one of the nation's largest third-party benefits administrators, the regulations do allow for the eligibility of some OTC categories such as diabetic supplies, bandages and durable medical equipment. But the company noted that the IRS is unlikely to publish a complete list of qualifying expenses.