Coldplay's "Charlie Brown" Captures "Mylo Xyloto" In Metaphorical Form

Mylo Xyloto, man. That album. That album took all Coldplay's Coldplayness and crammed in, like, pop music and Rihanna and instruments made by computers and not guitar manufacturers. It's as if Chris Martin suddenly decided he really liked Katy Perry or something. If Mylo Xyloto were a music video, it'd be something with a pop-cultural name like "Charlie Brown," and it'd definitely be one of those quick-cut neon MTV things. People would be dancing, and lights and confetti and heavy makeup and glowsticks would be everywhere, and everything would be doused in colors not seen in nature without hallucinogens, and lots of people would end up garishly making out.

Guess what? It is! And it's not bad, not bad at all! "Charlie Brown," below.

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